On work ethic

My dad is the hardest worker I've ever met.

He grew up in a remote village in Bangladesh, just after the British partition. He came from one of the poorest environments in the world, in a family with no wealth and limited education as the oldest son in a family of 7. After graduating from high school, with barely $20 in his pocket, he traveled to the Soviet Union as one of a handful of international students admitted to study graduate-level Physics & Education. He spent his life as an academic and, nearly 30 years later, managed one of his proudest accomplishments: emigrating his family to Canada.

Today, the difference in opportunity my brother and I have compared to our direct cousins is astounding, even with global economic advances. I have my father to thank for that. 

Growing up, my dad used to tell me that he would study for 16 hours as a student. I always figured he was just saying that to motivate me. I've realized now that I was wrong - he really did work that hard, because he had to. Even he'd acknowledge that my brother and I have natural gifts that he's never had. Yet neither of us have come close to accomplishing any of what he did at our respective ages (25 & 33). 

The secret to his success? Hard work & sincerity.

There's been no better lesson in my life & my professional career than that. My father has always firmly believed, and echoed, that working hard & being sincere will always bring you success. Sure enough, it worked out for him. That's not to say it always works: my father has had his failures, as we all do. But on the whole, his life at net is an admirable success. 

My father never chased success. He just woke up every day with the goal to work harder and more sincerely than he did the week before. That's how you find success. It doesn't require a process, it doesn't require a framework, it doesn't require complicated productivity hacks - wake up every day and work hard, and work sincerely.

That's it.

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